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   Lone Mountain is the Gallatin Valley's premier comprehensive gymnastics program, offering classes for beginner boys and girls through advance USA Gymnastics competitive programs. Our boys' competitive program starts with USA Gymnastics, Junior Olympic Program, Level 4 and progresses through Level 10 with girls' competitive programming starting with USA Gymnastics, Junior Olympic Program, Level 2 progressing through Level 10. Lone Mountain provides a fun, encouraging, and competitive team program. We provide state of the art equipment and continuing education for our coaching staff. Numerous State Team Titles as well as individual State and Regional Champions attest to the quality of gymnastics instruction and ongoing education of our coaching staff as our sport evolves.


 Although gymnastics is very much a physical, individual sport with individual challenges, goals and needs, a team atmosphere and culture is fostered from our youngest members (6 years) through our oldest members (18 years). We believe in the physical development of individuals to not only strengthen their bodies but also their self confidence and self esteem. However, we also believe gymnastics is a medium through which we not only develop physical skills, but also to teach qualities such as sportsmanship, perseverance, respect, honesty and integrity. We believe in the development of each athlete, not only as a gymnast, but as a whole person.


  Obviously our athletes are playing a sport and, inherent to sport, we all play to win. Otherwise it would just be called physical activity. Unfortunately, however, in sport only one team or individual can win. Therefore in our pursuit of excellence and victory we must have fun playing the game and personally gain from the experiences along the journey.

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