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Ninja Camp


Lone Mountain Ninja Summer Camps are the coolest camps happening this year! Enroll your child today in our Ninja camp to experience the hottest sport sweeping the nation. At the end of the camp, your child will be ready to show off their official sweet Ninja moves and have more confidence than when they started.


Lone Mountain Ninja combines gymnastics, martial arts, obstacle training, and freestyle movement, while also focusing on building character. Your child's confidence will soar, as they rise to challenges every day.


Games, exercise, and FUN are found daily at Lone Mountain Ninja camp! Your child will want to run, have fun, and burn off energy at home. Why not send them to Ninja camp, where they can redirect their energy into a truly positive focus?! Register today! See you this summer!


Ninja Camps 

Boys & Girls 

Ages 6-11 



  • June 10 -June 13

  • June 24 - June 27

  • July 8 - 11

  • July 22-25

  • August 5-8

Ninja Camp
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