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Mind-about us

Our preschool program is located within Lone Mountain Gymnastics and Swim School.


This facility allows us the unique opportunity to incorporate movement and swimming into our everyday activities.

Our active learning environment promotes development and growth by engaging not only the mind but also the body. Children learn through sensory and movement based experiences; therefore we have designed a preschool curriculum that integrates physical play with academic learning.


The MindBenders preschool values and understands this preferred mode of learning for our preschool students. The student’s day consists of what may be seen at a standard preschool; arrival time, morning circle time, snack, art exploration, free time and academic learning. Where our day differs from other programs is that movement is not curbed but utilized in all parts of our day.


Our academic activities are created to engage and challenge our student’s development and growth of their academic, social, emotional and cognitive skills. The activities utilize large matted spaces, gymnastics equipment, cones, scooters, large foam letters and numbers, hoops, rings and large variety of items the teachers employ to create their lesson plan. Morning circle time encourages stretching, hands on activities and community development. This theme is continuous throughout the rest of our daily activities.  


We encourage you to come and visit our program to learn more about our facility and how we incorporate movement into our curriculum and daily activities.

About Us

Mind Goals

Our Goals

Encouraging language development, literacy, mathematical reasoning and scientific inquiry


Understanding and gaining confidence in social dynamics by encouraging positive interactions within a group


Improving water comfort through daily swimming sessions


Creating physical challenges that promote fine and gross motor skills, spatial awareness, balance and strength



Providing a caring and fun environment

Mind- FAQ


What are the hours of the MindBenders Program?


 A:    Our program starts at 8:00-8:30am, allowing a half-hour for drop off.

              Triangles ages 3/4, are done at 12:30pm

               Pyramids, ages 4/5, are done at 1:00pm


How do I register and enroll for preschool classes?


 A:  Please contact the MindBenders Director at or call 406-587-1180 for                               enrollment and registration information. Contact us to today to schedule your tour!

 What style of curriculum does MindBenders follow?


 A:    MindBenders follows a movement based curriculum.  Our lessons utilize the potential from young                           learners open curiosity and exploration of the world around them.  Our active learning time uses                             movement inspired games and activities that incorporate lesson plans involving emotional, social,                           physical and academic goals for the students. 


How old must my child be to attend MindBenders?


A:    Students must be between 3-5 years old. Give us a call if you have any questions about your child’s readiness.

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