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5 Week Sessions

Session 1 - June 12 - July 14

Session 2 - July 17 - August 18

Lone Mountain is an official member club of the United States Swim School Association, offering pre-school water comfort and acclimation through beginner and advanced swim classes.  Lone Mountain has developed a systematic program for teaching water safety and the four basic competitive strokes; freestyle, back stroke, breast stroke and butterfly.  Each class is structured similarly so students know what to expect.  Students are initially placed into classes by age, but as they individually progress, are placed into more advanced swim classes according to ability.

Providing a fun, safety conscious and engaging learning environment for kids of all ages and abilities is our commitment.  We believe in developing physical and social skills through challenges and successes within our programs.  Individual accomplishments and recognition for those accomplishments help to generate confidence and self-esteem.  Lone Mountain seeks to create a positive, pro-active and supportive atmosphere for all our students, allowing children to enjoy their water experience from day one.  We will never force a child into the water.  If there is apprehension or hesitation we will encourage your child to watch and participate when he or she is ready.  Here at Lone Mountain Swim School, we believe learning to swim, at all levels and for all ages, should be fun!

Water Babies

6 Month-2 1/2 Years

Lone Mountain's Water Babies class may be your child's first pool or class experience.  We believe that children learn best while having fun in a comfortable, supportive, child-centered environment.  Our 'child-centered' approach means that each child's level of comfort is assessed and activities are varied to meet individual needs. 

We believe a child's participation should be positively encouraged, but never forced.  Nervous or scared children are encouraged to take their time, observe class, and join class when they are ready.  We use toys, games and songs to create an environment that is welcoming, friendly and interesting enough that a hesitant child wants to participate. 

Parents gain additional education about water safety, age appropriate water activities, and child development as it pertains to water, as they develop a trusting relationship with the teacher.

  • 10 minutes of free play before class

  • 35 minute class

  • Ages 6 months - 3 years

  • Each child needs an encouraging adult to accompany them in the pool

  • Re-usable swim diaper required

Infant Toddler

Water Jumpers

2 1/2 -3 1/2  Years

This class is designed as a transitional class from Water Babies to Beginner Little Swimmers.  It creates an environment in which children start becoming independent swimmers, while still having the comfort of an adult nearby for assistance as needed. This class prepares students for receiving instruction from a teacher with the terminology and positions used in Beginner Little Swimmers while having the support of an encouraging parent. Toddlers begin to interact with one another in a fun, safety conscious water environment. Still using toys and other exciting activities, this class focuses on breathing, going underwater, kicking, floating, balance and coordination, water entry and water safety.

  • 10 minutes of free play before class

  • 35 minute class

  • Ages 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 years

  • Each child needs an encouraging adult to accompany them in the pool

  • Children should be willing to participate, listen to an instructor, and be able to independently stand in the shallow end of the pool. (2'8")

Beginner Little Swimmers

3 - 4  Years

A child's first class without a parent.  Ages 3-4 yrs.  Goal is to increase water comfort through exploration and fun.  Must be potty trained and willing to participate.  Pool depth min. 32".


 Little Swimmers

3 - 6  Years

Ages 3-6 yrs.  Class focuses on front and back floats, introduction to swim strokes,  water comfort and independent movement through the water. To enroll, child must be able to fully submerge head, use the bathroom independently and be willing to participate without a parent.

School Age

Beginner Swim Kids

6 - 12  Years

Ages 6+ yrs.  For children with little to no swim experience, who are hesitant or reluctant to submerge head comfortably.

6 - 12  Years

Class focuses on teaching the four strokes in a progression based curriculum.  Upon completion, students are invited to Advanced SwimKids, Lone Mountain's pre-team. To enroll must be able to fully submerge entire head and be comfortable in the water.  

 Swim Kids

Advanced Swim Kids

6-12  Years

A pre-team class that improves stroke technique and endurance. Student must know all 4 swim strokes (Breaststroke, Butterfly, Freestyle and Backstroke).  Evaluation and director approval is required for this class.

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